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Four Pieces of Financial Freedom

    1. Build Net Worth – Some call this piece, building your “nest egg”. I say, “Net worth is more appropriate.” (Net Worth = All Assets – All Debt) Your nest egg will always be threatened by debt

I want to be your partner in building this important part of your financial freedom.

    2. Create Income For Life – The major question, for pre-retirees and for those, not even close to retirement, is – Are you going to have enough income in your retirement to sustain a comfortable lifestyle? Going into retirement with low debt obligations, high net worth and good investment strategies CAN help you continue on in life without that worry.

I can help you build your financial future so that, in retirement, you won’t have the stress of wondering if you will outlive your savings, or lose everything you’ve work so hard to build.

    3. Cover your assets – Let’s face it – “things happen”. They just do. Illness, uncontrollable events such as accidents or weather related disasters. One of the MOST financially and emotionally draining life events is a move into assisted living or skilled nursing care. At a cost of $3,500 to $8,500 per month, a lifetime of savings can burn up in a hurry.

I can help you evaluate your insurance needs so that you keep your assets covered through difficult times.

    4. Leave a Legacy – So, you’ve worked hard to build the life you’ve always wanted. You’ve worked years creating financial safety and comfort for yourself and your family. When the time comes, how are your assets to be passed on? Who will see to your wishes? Will there be anything left to pass on at all?

Let me work with you, understand your goals and your values to ensure your assets are protected and your wishes carried out. I want to be your partner to help you build both a living and lasting legacy.