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My Philosophy

Philosophy-img01First – The Root of My Investmet Philosophy:

These are my parents – Rev. Orel & Agnes Newbrey

Dad was a Disciples of Christ minister for 56 years and finally, retired for good at the age of 80. Mom was an English teacher for 21 years at West High School in Wichita, KS.

Mom clipped coupons and managed all the finances for the 69 years of their marriage. Though neither of them made much money during their working years, we lived in a very nice house and I never remember “going without”. And, because she was so good and disciplined at managing, saving and investing, they NEVER had to worry about money in retirement. They even had MORE income during retirement than when they were working.

If I have a mission in life it, truly, is to pass on what they have taught me and to help everyone I can live as well in retirement as they did.

You don’t have to make a fortune in your working life. With the right plan, investment strategies and dedication you CAN work towards a financially confident life in retirement.

My Investment Philosophy:

It’s as Simple as You Can Get: If You Plan to Invest, Invest in a Plan –

The best investment you can ever make is to invest in a plan for your financial future. The next best choice you can ever make is to stick to that plan.

No one, ever, knows what the future holds; especially, when it comes to investing in any kind of financial markets, real estate markets, commodities, etc. We just don’t have enough information to outguess the system. So, jumping into the next “hot” fund or chasing short-sighted gains for a stock that’s “ready to take off” is irresponsible and foolish. – That’s what I call investing without a plan. In the long-run, it just doesn’t work.

However, every player in the investing world has the same goal: To make a profit, grow their investments and make income. – The system, as a whole, grows and works and this investment philosophy is known as the “Efficient Market Hypothesis”.

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